What is my jewelry is worth?

  • What is my jewelry worth

Have you ever wondered “What is my jewelry is worth”? “Do I need a jewelry Appraisal”?

What is my jewelry worthThe most common reason to need a jewelry appraisal is for insurance purposes.  An Insurance Replacement Appraisal is a retail replacement value of your items on the current market. In order to properly have your jewelry insured to protect you from loss or theft, you must have a jewelry appraisal performed by a Graduate Gemologist (GIA), and often a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA). These credentials should ensure that you are receiving proper documentation of your items with accurate grading and valuation. Due to the volatile, ever climbing gold and diamond market over the past several years, it is a very good idea to get your items updated for today’s current gold values (triple and sometimes quadruple what it was five years ago) as well as have items that were not appraised, evaluated; to properly insure your valuables.

In 2005, the gold price for the first time since 1987 reached more than $500 per troy ounce.  As of August 7th 2012, the current gold spot price is $1,6110 per troy ounce. What does this mean to you? Your jewelry could be worth more than what it is currently insured for, for example this charm bracelet would have cost approximately $400.00 in 2005 on a retail level, today it would cost around $1,200.00 to replace it.

In order to protect your treasured jewelry items, insurance companies require an updated appraisal about every three to five years.

At Earth Pebbles Gemology, Rebekah Anderson is an accredited Graduate Gemologist who prides herself with being current on today’s jewelry market, providing a professional, accurate and detailed appraisal for your jewelry needs. Each item that is being evaluated is handled with great care and detail. Earth Pebbles appraisal services provide the proper documentation needed by your insurance company which includes a detailed report on each gemstone or diamond including the dimensions, identification, grading, and metals used in each piece;  along with all the specifications of the jewelry itself i.e.) period of item, designer designations, manufacturing technique, dimensions, hallmarks, etc.  Each diamond over 0.50ct (1/2carat) is accompanied by a “plot” or diagram of the clarity characteristics of how they appear in the stone under 10 power magnification. Photographs taken to accompany and substantiate the current condition of item with records kept on file for your convenience.

If you are not sure of what your jewelry is worth, or need to update your old appraisal to reflect the current gold and diamond markets, contact Earth Pebbles Gemology to schedule a consultation and appraisal.